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 1.How can I become a member?

Any person wishing to be come a member is proposed and seconded by Club members who have been members for a period exceeding three years.

The proposer and seconder have to satisfy conditions laid down in the Club’s bye-laws.
The proposer is required to send a letter of introduction at the start up of the membership processing.

The proposer fills a membership proposal form which is returned to the General Manager, together with the applicants curriculum vitae, two passport size photographs and copy of national identification card or passport.

The proposer is then required to speak to any three members of the membership committee in confidence at least 10 days prior to the committee meeting.

Upon being satisfied with the suitability of the applicant, a Membership Application Form is given out to be filled sorely by the applicant and returned to the General Manager together with application fee non-refundable of Kshs. 20,000.

At this stage, the applicant becomes a temporary member who enjoy the privileges of a full member, except that he/she may not introduce a guest or participate in a competition or vote in an election.
Upon payment of the temporary membership fees, the applicants name is posted on the notice board for a period exceeding 30 days during which time, any member member may raise an objection to his/her being elected a member should there be ground that the applicant is not suitable as a member of the club. Such objection being made in accordance with the articles or bye-laws.

The membership committee may ask the proposer to withdraw the applicants candidature.
Upon expiry of 30 days barring any objections, the membership committee invites the proposer to present the membership candidate to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors during their board meeting may elect or reject the applicant through a simple majority vote.

The successful candidate is then required to pay within 30 days entrance fees and any other fees that the Board may prescribe from time to time. Upon such payment, the candidate’s name is entered in the club’s register as a member in any one of the appropriate classes of membership as earlier described.
2. How can i pay my bills?
Other than the usual cash and cheque payments, you can send money via your phone. Instructions on that are as below:
Go to your phone Mpesa Menu
Choose Pay Bill
Key in business no. i.e. 520300
Enter the account (your membership account number) i.e. X555
Enter the amount that you wish to pay
Key in your pin
Confirm payment
NB Record the generated code for reference in case you overlooked to enter your account details.
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