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Membership Entrance Procedure


Muthaiga Golf Club is a private member-owned corporate & family oriented Club with an elite & culturally diverse Membership. The Club, proudly referred to by many as, the “Home of Golf” offers premiere golfing experience & social amenities. The Club also reciprocates with over 10 Clubs within the country, East Africa, South Africa, Europe & the Far East. At Muthaiga Golf Club, we also offer various categories of Membership namely; Full Membership, Country Membership, Overseas Membership, Expatriate Membership & Temporary Membership.

Prospective Members need to be proposed for membership by a current member of Muthaiga Golf Club of good standing. He/she must also have held such membership for more than three years.

Interested applicants may download the form below for more details on how to become a Member at Muthaiga Golf Club. Once complete, the duly filled forms should be shared with the General Manager’s Office via

Our Membership Categories:

a) Temporary Membership

Describes a person proposed by a Full Member and accepted by the Board to join the Club. Such a person shall not ordinarily be a resident within One Hundred kilometer radius of the Club, and may be entitled to enjoy the privileges of the Club for any period of less than three months in any one year, subject to re-election by the Board for a total period not exceeding six months in that year. They shall not be liable for any entrance fees, but shall pay such temporary membership fees at the rates currently applicable. Temporary members may enjoy the privileges of the Club, except that they may not take part in Club competitions, or introduce Guests to the Club.

b) Expatriate Membership

Expatriate Membership category is offered to members of the Diplomatic Corps, business person or an international employee who doesn’t ordinarily reside in Kenya but who would like to commence or continue to enjoy playing the game of golf during their stay in Kenya. Expatriate Membership is for a term not exceeding 3 years.

The expatriate joining procedures shall be as follows:

1.Filing in of an application form.

2.A letter of introduction from the employer. (If the applicant is an international employee).

3.An application form shall be processed upon receipt of the letter of introduction from the employer.

4.The candidate shall be required to pay the annual fees, within 30 days, and will be admitted as an expatriate member for a 3 months’ probation period.

During probation the candidate shall be invited for an introduction to at least 3 Membership & Disciplinary committee members and the General Manager. His application will also be processed through the Membership & Disciplinary Committee and the Board during the probation period.

c) Reciprocating Membership

A reciprocating Member is a Full Member of another Club that has negotiated and agreed on reciprocal terms for members with the Club and is not situated within a radius of 100 KM of Muthaiga Golf Club. A reciprocating member shall be allowed to use the Club facilities not more than twice a month and shall be subject to the rules and Bye-Laws of Muthaiga Golf Club.

Reciprocating Clubs
a) International Golf Clubs

1.Arusha Gymkhana Tanzania

2.Gymkhana Club – Dar es Salaam

3.Racing Club of France

4.Willingdon Golf Club Bombay

5.Mission Hills Golf Club – China

b) Local golf clubs

1.Nyali Golf & Country Club

2.Nyanza Golf Club